April, 2022

DriveToTheFuture – Needs, wants and behaviour of ‚Drivers‘ and automated vehicle users today and into the future

The magazine Komunikacie from University of Zilina has published in its 24th Volume the objectives and methodology of our project.

February, 2022

Słomczyn: An autonomous passenger van tested by the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PL)

In the framework of the Pilot RO4 (Poland) the digital Magazine greennews.pl wrote (in Polish) an article on the presentation of the Autonomous Bus developed by within D2F project. Read it in English.

February, 2022

Drive2TheFuture: revisión de las necesidades, requisitos y comportamiento de los conductores y usuarios de los vehículos autónomos

In the framework of  the Go Mobility event that will be held in Irún (Euskadi, Spain) on 27th and 28th of April, 2022, The Deusto University published this article introducing the Drive 2 the Future project and initial findings (in Spanish).

February, 2022

A data–information–knowledge cycle for modeling driving behavior

How can data collection become useful to model driving behavior? What are the different steps in data extraction? Partners from the Technical University of Munich (Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering) have discussed this topic in their publication in Transportation Research Part F, Traffic Psychology and Behaviour. This openly accessible paper tries to answer these questions by developing a data-knowledge-information cycle.

November, 2021

Acceptance of automated vehicles in the future transport and logistics – results of stakeholders evaluation workshop for Slovakia and Czechia

At the VIII International Symposium New Horizons 2021, held in November 2021 in Sarajevo, pertners of Drive 2 the Future presented this article with the results of the MAMCA realised in the frame of stakeholder evaluation workshop for Slovak and Czech stakeholders. Also, the abstracts of all papers presented can be seen here.

May, 2021

Investigation of Opinions on the Acceptance of Autonomous Railway Vehicles in Slovakia

Our project participant, University of Zilina, published this paper that assesses the opinions on the acceptance of autonomous vehicles in railway transport in Slovakia. The aim is to obtain new knowledge about this issue and also determine the current state of preferences of the people in Slovak Republic regarding to use new modernized form of railway transport (with autonomous vehicle).