Drive2theFuture envisages a concise approach towards enhancing user acceptance for the upcoming invasion of automated vehicles. The holistic nature of the Drive2theFuture approach is threefold: it considers all clusters of users (“drivers”, passengers, operators, stakeholders), their needs, preferences and specificities; it addresses all modes of transport, along with transferability issues between and across them (including MaaS strategies); it involves multiple tools to achieve its goals (behavioural models, simulators, optimized HMI per automation level, training schemes, active involvement of users, demonstrations, ethical and regulatory aspects, policy and incentives).

Consequently, the project puts the user in the centre of automation deployment.

Employing technological and regulatory means to facilitate this deployment

Aiming to maximize acceptance, satisfaction, willingness to use along with safety, security, compliance and sustainability.

The study of user opinions and behaviours towards existing solutions will guide the iterative development of novel HMI concepts

Their acceptance will be (objectively and subjectively) measured in a series of Pilots across Europe.

The influence of existing regulatory framework and ethical considerations will be measured, and relevant policy recommendations will be issued.

The overall consideration of the evolution of users’ attitudes, in combination with the utilized tools, will guide to the definition of a roadmap for achieving maximum acceptance and trust to automation.

In order to manage and address the project findings and the pilots’ implementation, the project will follow an approach of iterative implementation and testing throughout the project lifespan.