The Mobility of the (near) future: Shuttle, train, plane, taxi, or still your own car? Maybe a bicycle or E-bike? How about different trip lengths or purposes – different means of transport for each or one-size-fits-all?

We want to know YOUR preferences! By participating in the MobiChoice 2022 survey, you can help to properly anticipate and shape the future of mobility.

Answering the survey should take no longer than 10 minutes of your time and we welcome anyone currently residing on the European continent (both EU and not EU members!), who is 15 years or older to lend us your valuable time and insights to help us advance the mobility vision – and resulting strategies – in Europe!

This survey is conducted in collaboration between the University of Salzburg, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces, and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Center for Technology Experience as part of the EU-Horizon2020 projects HADRIAN and Drive2theFuture.

Click on the link to start the survey:

(This survey will be available until August 31, 2022)