We will be at the Connecting Europe Days 2022 in Lyon

From 28th to 30th june 2022, Drive 2 the Future will be present at the Connecting Europe Days, Europe’s mobility flagship event, that takes places in Lyon, France.

We will show the Virtual Reality application of the Drive2theFuture HMI development toolkit, with HMI best practices for Automated vehicles of different transport modes, as well as e-learnings developed during the project.

Find us in booth 25 

It is a good chance to get to know more about our project.


Check more about the event on here and the programme here


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8th Plenary Meeting, finally in person

Today and tomorrow, Drive 2 the Future is helding its 8th Plenary Meeting, finally in person after 2 years of working 100% on-line. The meeting could not have been at a nicer place than Sapienza Università di Roma.

We all are happy to meet again, and it is being really profitable for the progress of the project.

Also, we used the opportunity to organize a round table on ethical and security dilemmas, and how they impact on the AV acceptance. The discussion counted with the views from USA, Europa and Australia.

For the debate, we had a group of high-level panellists:

  • Ø Judith Charlton – Monash University Accident Research Centre
  • Ø Zachary Doerzaph – Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Ø Siegfried Stohr, Guidare Pilotare S.r.l
  • Ø Annie Pauzié – Université gustave Eiffel
  • Ø Gina Baas, University of Minnesota

We thank all of them for their participation and their insights, as well as the attendees that were in the room and on-line.

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Pannel Discussion: Ethical, security, safety and legal dilemmas: Are they impacting the acceptance of autonomous vehicles?

On June 16th 2022 (from 15.00h to 17.00h) Drive 2 the Future is holding a round table on ethical, security, safety and legal dilemmas and how they imact on the AV acceptance.


  • Ø Judith Charlton – Monash University Accident Research Centre [Online]
  • Ø Zachary Doerzaph – Virginia Tech Transportation Institute [Online]
  • Ø Siegfried Stohr, Guidare Pilotare S.r.l [On-site]
  • Ø Annie Pauzié – Université gustave Eiffel [On-site]
  • Ø Gina Baas, University of Minnesota [Online]

No registration is required and on-line attendance is posible under this Google Meet link


Attendance limited to 100 people


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1st Joint paper of the autonomous driving European projects

In summer 2020 the four EU2020 Autonomous Driving related projects published a common paper in the OndaVerde italian magazine: PAsCAL, Trustonomy, Drive2theFuture and Suaave.

Please find below the link to read the entire paper:

Atonomous Driving EU Projects publication


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1st Workshop Drive2theFuture



The 1st Workshop of Drive2theFuture project took place in Brussels, Belgium on the 6th March 2020, with the participation of more than 40 people (physically and online).

The project Coordinator, Ms Evangelia Gaitanidou (CERTH) and the Technical Manager Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris (CERTH), opened the day by welcoming the participants. They invited them to register for the project Newsletter (through the website www.drive2thefuture.eu) as well as to answer and disseminated the Drive2theFuture Consumer Survey (https://www.drive2thefuture.eu/2020/01/28/welcome-to-our-survey/).

An overview of the project was presented by Ms E. Gaitanidou, including the concept and aims and highlighting its preliminary results and expected outcomes.

The following session was dedicated to the cooperation between the four projects funded under the same Call as Drive2theFuture. The Coordinators of PAsCAL (Luc Vandenabeele, LIST), SUaAVE (Jose Solaz Sanahuja, IBV) and TRUSTONOMY (Stefano Bianchi, Softeco) gave an overview of their projects, underlying their aims and commonalities between the four. Lively discussion followed, recognizing the different approaches undertaken by the four projects and how cooperation and sharing of findings can contribute to the completeness of research on the topic.

The next two sessions were designed in an interactive scheme, allowing the active participation of all participants.

The first interactive session was structured in two parts. In the first one, the preliminary Drive2theFuture Use Cases were presented by Ms. Matina Loukea (CERTH) along with the different criteria for their prioritisation, stemming from the corresponding assessment areas. Upon ranking the criteria, using an online tool through their mobile phones, the attendees were asked to rank also each Use Case according to each criterion. The results were displayed real time, while post processing and analysis shall be performed after the Workshop. A similar approach was followed in the second part of the session, when Dr. Evy Rombaut (VUB) presented the preliminary KPIs of the project and invited the participants to rank them.

After lunch, the second interactive session took place, involving the AV acceptance risk assessment. First, a set of already identified risks were presented by Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris (CERTH) which the attendees were asked to rank according to their perceived importance, for each one of the risks categories (namely behavioural, legal, operational and technical). Then, four boards were placed in the room, again one per risk category, where the attendees were invited to go and write any additional risks they consider significant and were not yet identified in the presented list. This was a very fruitful exercise, as about 35 more risks were suggested, which will be considered in the final acceptance risk assessment.

Closing the day, Dr Bekiaris made a summary of the Workshop and its findings, thanking all for their participation and active involvement, while inviting them to stay tuned, follow and contribute to the project’s progress.

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Welcome to our survey!

Welcome to our survey!

By participating in this survey you will help us understand your traveling preferences better!

About the survey: This survey is part of an EU-funded project called Drive2theFuture.

The purpose of the survey is to explore your opinions about an acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles for different transport modes.

The survey is structured in a modular way:

  • of four main areas corresponding to each transport domain (aviation, maritime, rail, road);
  • every section begins with a simple description of what automation means for that mode, with simple illustrative examples and a short list of multiple choice questions.

It shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes to answer the questions, and you can withdraw from the questionnaire at any time.

Please scroll down to choose your language and select the link to participate in the survey:

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2nd Drive2theFuture Workshop

2nd Drive2theFuture Workshop

Date: 12th March 2021


Presentations on the project preliminary outcomes,

keynotes and interactive sessions with attendees’ active participation.
Attendance is free of charge but places limited.

We are pleased to invite you to the
2nd Workshop of Drive2theFuture, an Horizon 2020 project!

You may register here to reserve your participation.



Book your calendars!



Please, confirm your attendance, clicking the next button and filling your data








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1st Drive2theFuture Workshop

1st Drive2theFuture Workshop


Date: 6th March 2020
Venue: VIAS Institute,
Chaussee de Haecht 1405 , Brussels

Would you enjoy/dare travelling in an autonomous car/bus/train/ship/plane?
Or would you rather prefer to board a supervised one?
For which types of trips would you use an autonomous vehicle?

We are pleased to invite you to the
1st Workshop of Drive2theFuture, an Horizon 2020 project!


Come to Brussels, on March 6th 2020, share your wishes and preferences and learn more about the future of user-centered automation!


Book your calendars!


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Second Drive2theFuture Plenary meeting

28-29 November 2019, Karlsruhe. The second Drive2theFuture Plenary meeting took place in this German city. The meeting was hosted and developed by the local partner FZI Research Center for Information Technology in their offices.

During these 2 days all the WP  leaders have updated status of their word packages. The project is  progressing well.

Next plenary meeting will take place in February 2020 in Brusells (Belgium), it will be organized also the fist Workshop of the project. The exact date for both workshop and plenary Meeting ares still to be decided.








Image source: FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

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